We are a Research and Development business primarily focusing on new environmental technologies.

As an example, the recently released cutting-edge product, the “BearsPaw Separators CeptorH2X”, utilizes a revolutionary filtration separator technology. This patented dewatering technology enables operating cost savings, while providing an environmentally sustainable solution to managing, collecting and disposing of liquid waste and particulate matter, that is created by major industry operations, such as oil, gas, and mining. (eg. dewatering of secondary containment sites)

Why is there a need for this technology in the world today?

As the norm, many industries accept the high costs associated with the rapid deterioration of common operating equipment used for the collection, processing and removal of mixed liquids and solids. For example, in the mining industry, during the process of removing water mixed with sand, gravel and pollutants, the pumps and attached mechanisms are prematurely destroyed by abrasive sand blasting due to inefficient and or ineffective filtration. It is currently standard practice to assume the astronomical costs of maintenance, repair, and replacement of the pumps, impellers and housings. From an environmental perspective (in this modern era), we know there is a better way than the status quo “it is simply a cost of doing business”.

What is the solution and how effective is it?

The BearsPaw Separators CeptorH2X is the modern revolutionary solution to this age-old problem.

This new tool is an easy-to-use, unique device, that separates liquids and particulate matter. For example, the device could be used to remove water from sand and gravel, while simply leaving the sand and gravel behind. This NEW Technology was initially created for applications involving water collection and disposal in conventional Oil Field and Mining operations.

Our research and development has shown that the BearsPaw Separators CeptorH2X has significantly outperformed traditional filtration systems, in both test facilities and in the field. The efficient and high-volume extraction capabilities, coupled with reduced wear on equipment, will result in reducing costs associated with labor, downtime, equipment maintenance and replacement, plus significantly reduced water disposal costs (without solids). Customers will enjoy financial benefits, while having a positive impact on the environment.


The BearsPaw Separators - CeptorH2X

Filtration separator for high volume liquid pumps.
Conclusive test results for 2” models show < 1 gram of sediment after extraction of 1-50 m3 of water at 572 lpm (see test results)

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